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Lift Sharing

Unfortunatly the church does not provide parking. If you are driving to the church and needing somewhere to park, the nearest and cheapest place is Sainsburys multi story car park. For directions search Foss Bank, York, YO31 7JB on multi map.

From the car park to the church you need to walk down St Maurices Road past the Monkbar Hotel. Cross over the road and enter the city walls through the Monk Bar gate. This is Goodroomgate. Keep walking down this road, which bares slightly to the right (Cross keys pub on your left), This street turns into Deangate and then Minster Yard. You will pass the Minster School on your left and should then see the Minster on your right. St mikes is opposite the Minster.

There are other car parks within walking disatance of the church. Google is your best bet.

If you are driving to the wedding, and have spare seats in your car, please fill in the information below and share your seats.

Drivers: If you have any spaces in your car, please fill in your details at the bottom.
Potential passengers: Take a look through the options below, get in contact with the driver and then remember to "reserve" your space below so others know it is taken.

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Christine Pfaff Dorset (DT2 8JW) 1: Available - Reserve
2: Available - Reserve
Ann Dyer and I would like a lift from the church to the Tythe barn if this can be arranged. Thank you

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